Status: OPEN

Designs are drawn digitally using Procreate on the iPad. Depending on the project, an outline and a loose color-key are drawn to help guide the stitching process. Once the design is finalized, the outline is transferred to fabric and the stitching begins.

When the piece is completed, it gets cleaned, mounted, and photographed. The digital version will be sent once the piece is ready to be shipped.

• Minor beading can be added for no additional cost.• Special beads and charms can be added with an additional cost of $5• Additional characters can be added for an additional 30% of the commission price.


Hoop sizeCost
3 inch$30
4 inch$40
5 inch$90
6 inch$140
7 inch$190
8 inch$240


Hoop sizeCost
3 inch$50
4 inch$60

Spot Art

Hoop sizeCost
3 inch$50
4 inch$75
5 inch$125
6 inch$175
7 inch$225
8 inch$275


Hoop sizeCost
5 inch$450
6 inch$550
7 inch$650
8 inch$750
9 inch$850